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Pain is your body talking, and it is our job to listen to it! The upper limbs, lower limbs and spine are the 3 main areas of focus when we talk about musculoskeletal health.

Find any difficulty identifying any potential conditions that you or your loved ones may be suffering from? Come explore the common injuries located at each one of these locations!


When Is A Minor Injury Not A Minor Injury?

Getting proper care and understanding the difference between major and minor injuries could save your life someday. Of course, there are times when the difference between urgent and minor wounds is very clear. In certain cases, you might start with a minor wound but then find that it escalates into something more serious.

To prevent a delay in getting adequate healthcare and suffering from the long-term health problems that those delays can cause, check out this article to understand the key distinctions between a major and minor injury.

Out of Office Series

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Out of Office Ep1 – Premium indoor golfing experience with coach Gilbum Kang

Dr James is heading out of the office and trying his hands at different sports! Today, we're at Hidden Castle Golf Club and getting ready for an amazing session with Coach Gilbum Kang. Watch us as we take a swing at the popular sport and find out about the different types of injuries that avid golfers may face!

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Out of Office Ep 2 – Trying out Taekwondo for the first time with @mingweirocks

Join Joyce as she steps out of her comfort zone and learns the ins and outs of taekwondo!

Come along as we explore the ins and outs of this popular sport while also discovering valuable tips on injury prevention in this high-intensity combat discipline!

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Out of Office Ep 3 – Scaling to new heights @ Boulder Planet

Out of Office is back! 🎉 Join Dr James as he scales to new heights (literally) and learns the ins and outs of bouldering from Patrice at Boulderplanet! 🧗🏻

Curious to find out more about different bouldering injuries and safety tips? 🤔 Ray of Health's got you covered with an in-depth guide on preventing and treating the top bouldering injuries! 🔗

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