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Persistent pain can take over your life. Whether you wake up to a stiff neck and back or have been fighting with chronic knee pain for years, the discomfort is impossible to ignore. And you shouldn’t dismiss the feeling! When you’ve got an ache that is affecting your daily life, it’s time to take action….

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Discover musculoskeletal conditions by anatomy

Pain is your body talking, and it is our job to listen to it! The upper limbs, lower limbs and spine are the 3 main areas of focus when we talk about musculoskeletal health. Find any difficulty identifying any potential conditions that you or your loved ones may be suffering from? Find out about common injuries located at each one of these locations !

Out-of-Office Series

Premium Indoor Golfing Experience with Coach Gilbum Kang

Dr James is heading out of the office and trying his hands at different sports! Today, we're at Hidden Castle Golf Club and getting ready for an amazing session with Coach Gilbum Kang. Watch us as we take a swing at the popular sport and find out about the different types of injuries that avid golfers may face!

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