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    What Does An Orthopaedic Doctor Do?

    An orthopaedic specialist is a doctor trained and specialised in the diagnosis, preventive care, and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.  These specialists utilise a wide treatment approach from minor injuries to complex disease management.

    Orthopaedic specialists perform procedures to repair damaged joints, replace damaged joints with implants, and perform other surgeries. Some orthopaedic Singapore doctors provide patients with specialised disorder care, while others cater to all orthopaedic conditions.

    An orthopaedic doctor in Singapore may be specialised in conditions of specific bones and muscles in the body. They may offer specialised treatments that might include:

    Within Singapore, there are numerous categories of orthopaedic doctors ranging from general orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine specialists, and orthopaedic traumatologists to paediatric orthopaedic surgeons. While some doctors hold expertise in area-specific treatment, others have gained expertise in specific disease and injury management.

    When Should I Consult An Orthopaedic Doctor?

    If you experience any of the following symptoms, consider talking to an orthopaedic specialist.

    • Musculoskeletal symptoms that affect your activities, mobility, or day-to-day tasks.
    • Stiffness or limited range of motion in your joints.
    • Chronic pain
    • Instability while standing or walking.
    • Signs of infection like inflammation, redness, or warmth in addition to fever.
    • Joint pain, especially after resting.
    • Bruises, sprains, or other soft tissue injuries that do not improve after 48 hours of home remedies or self-care.

    Whether it is an urgent matter requiring surgery or a simple ailment like lower back pain that can be solved with strategic exercises, your health is important and should be taken seriously.

    If you are seeking back pain treatment or treatment for other musculoskeletal conditions, schedule an appointment with our orthopaedic doctors here at Ray of Health!

    What Do Orthopaedic Doctors Treat?

    While orthopaedic doctors treat a broad assortment of ailments, the most common issues include:

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    Find Orthopaedic Treatment in Singapore

    Are you searching for an orthopaedic specialist Singapore? If you have had limb pain or arthritis for a long time, or a strain causing a numbing sensation in your hand or leg, back pain, or any other orthopaedic condition, consider consulting an orthopaedic doctor.

    At Ray of Health, our aim is to provide you with specialised care. Our orthopaedic specialist at Ray of Health, Dr James Tan, will create a customised treatment plan that will aim to help you manage your condition. We also offer treatment for a torn meniscus and specialists for ACL tears.

    Why live in pain another day? Contact us online, call +65 6235 8781, or connect with us on WhatsApp at +65 8028 4572. You can also talk to us by clicking the button below.


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    Treatment With Our Orthopaedic Doctor

    Dr James Tan, our orthopaedic specialist at Ray of Health, deals with various orthopaedic conditions of the body. He advises his patients to consult him in case of any pain or injury at the earliest so that the condition can be assessed and diagnosed properly.

    1. Registration: Firstly, register with Dr James' team and book an appointment here.
    2. First appointment: At the first appointment, Dr James Tan will carry out a thorough physical exam for your orthopaedic treatment, and evaluate your medical history.
    3. Diagnosis: Typically, additional diagnostic tests are required to assess the causes of the problems accurately. This usually comes in the form of MRI or X-ray scans.
    4. Personalised Treatment Plan: Dr James will then create a personalised treatment plan based on your specific condition and needs, which could include undergoing surgery, and recommend the necessary treatment modalities to you.
    5. Follow-up sessions: Dr James will schedule additional follow-up sessions to monitor the recovery process until you fully recover.

    Disclaimer: Treatment plans may differ for different patients. Please contact Dr James for more information.

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    Medisave & Insurance Shield Plan Approved

    If you are a Singaporean or a Permanent Resident of Singapore, some of our orthopaedic procedures can be claimed under Medisave. The claimable amount will vary based on the procedure's complexity.

    For other situations, please consult our friendly clinic staff regarding the use of your Integrated Shield Plan insurance.

    Personal Insurance

    1. Great Eastern
    2. Prudential
    3. HSBC Life

    Corporate Insurance

    1. MHC
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    3. Adept
    4. Alliance

    What Is Considered An Orthopaedic Emergency?

    An orthopaedic emergency includes acute injuries that come from sudden trauma or are the results of complications with an existing condition.

    One of the most common emergencies that come on suddenly is a broken bone. In such a situation, it is advised to consult a doctor who might recommend an alignment, splint, cast, or possible surgery depending on symptoms and underlying cause. Other common emergencies include concussions, dislocations, and tendon ruptures.

    Orthopaedic emergencies that may arise from an existing condition include infections, blood clots, re-injury of damaged tissue or bone, and swelling that affects blood flow.

    An orthopaedic emergency may also arise among individuals playing a certain sport, especially if they have suffered from an injury in the past. Sports comprise rigorous activities, and getting back into the game after an injury can be a little challenging.

    While playing the game, If you experience any kind of pain or stiffness, it is advised to promptly consult a sports injury specialist for timely intervention. This can put a stop to further progression of your condition and pain.

    Is Orthopaedic Surgery Always Necessary?

    The severity of a patient’s condition is a defining factor in whether surgery should be the effective route of treatment for them or not. Exploring non-surgical treatments is usually the primary route by most doctors as a treatment technique. For smaller disorders, orthopaedic doctors usually adopt minimum invasive treatments. However, in cases of severe injury, opting for surgery may be the last resort and the only treatment strategy.

    Orthopaedic surgery is not the only medical care option provided by orthopaedic surgeons; several other therapies and alternative treatments are recommended by them. Let’s explore a few of them for better understanding.

    Injury-Oriented Physical Therapy

    Restoring muscle strength is the prime advantage of opting for physical therapy to heal injuries sooner. A personalised exercise program through the recommendation of a Singapore orthopaedic doctor may aid the patient. The aim is to redevelop flexibility and range of motion through this treatment plan post-injury.

    For athletes as well as normal patients with extensive medical history, sometimes physiotherapy can be highly effective without undergoing surgery. We have managed to gather for you a range of area-specific physical therapy exercises. From relieving back pain to boosting shoulder mobility, these cover all the basics.

    Lifestyle Change for Conditions

    In addition to physical therapy, your doctor may recommend improving your diet, walking more, and making other healthy changes to prevent complications with your condition.

    Immobilisation for Trauma 

    For certain conditions, your doctor may recommend a cast, splint, or brace to prevent additional damage, allowing the area to heal.

    Medication for Pain

    Medicine is considered a non-surgical path for certain orthopaedic conditions. It is often an effective stand-alone treatment option. Patients going through mild muscle and joint pain can take advantage of this. For this purpose, OTC analgesic drugs are given. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are examples of these drugs.

    Then comes the next category of medicines for intense pain. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Diclofenac are the doctor’s suggestion in such situations. Moreover, condition-specific pain requires other types of prescription drugs. Nerve damage, for example, is associated with pain conditions that are also specific sometimes. In neuropathic pain, Gabapentin is the usual drug of choice.

    What to Expect During an Orthopaedic Surgery

    After exhausting all non-surgical routes of treatment, if your musculoskeletal disorder displays the same pain and symptoms, then the orthopaedic specialist may choose the route of surgery. This field is expansive and numerous types of surgeries are available in Singapore. We have short-listed some of the most prevalent orthopaedic surgeries.

    Joint Replacement Surgery

    When a joint is damaged or injured, joint replacement surgery may be necessary. Joint replacement surgery is quite common, particularly surgeries like hip replacement and knee replacement.

    Internal Fixation Surgery

    With some types of injuries, your doctor may find that hardware like a screw, pin, or rod is necessary to help your bone stay in place while it is healing. In this case, you will be recommended for internal fixation surgery.

    Fusion Surgery

    The primary objective of Fusion surgery is stabilising the bones in their original form. This surgery is performed to join two or more bones together, usually the vertebrae of the spine. Patients often experience pain reduction after this procedure.

    In the case of injuries where two bones need to be connected, your doctor will recommend fusion surgery. For this procedure, bone grafting, as well as other instruments like rods and screws, are used. The healing process for this procedure is long and may require immobilisation.

    Release Surgery

    Release surgery is usually performed for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The doctor may recommend this surgery if the median nerve in your wrist is under pressure. To alleviate this pressure, the carpal ligament is cut off to reduce the compression effect on the nerve. The surgery may help reduce further progression of the disorder and may help relieve the symptoms.

    Soft Tissue Repair Surgery

    Soft tissue surgeries are done to improve joint stability. During this procedure, your surgeon can strategically repair muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This surgery may help provide effective quick-repair treatment.


    A common surgery for arthritis is an osteotomy. During this procedure, the bone is cut and then repositioned to reduce pain after the healing process.

    Frequently-Asked Questions About Orthopaedic Treatment in Singapore

    Orthopaedic problems refer to issues related to the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissues. These problems can range from injuries and fractures to degenerative conditions and congenital disorders.


    The information provided on this page is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Always consult your healthcare provider or specialist doctor regarding any medical condition that you might be facing and act on the doctor’s recommendations.


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    Dr Tan specialises in treating sports injuries of the knee, shoulder and elbow joints, as well as cartilage and meniscus surgery. He is a member of the elite Asian Shoulder and Elbow Group and a founding member of the Singapore Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Society.

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