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    What Is a Sports Injury?

    Physical activity injury that an individual endures during sports or other rigorous tasks is known as a sports injury. Minor and severe damage happens, which is entirely dependent on the impact endured by the body. The most common occurrences in sports are strains, sprains, and fractures. A person can suffer from these on essentially any body part.  

    People from all demographics including athletes, sports enthusiasts as well as individuals with demanding physical tasks can go through a sports injury. A musculoskeletal system including muscles, tendons, ligaments as well as other parts such as bones and joints can be affected by such an injury in a heartbeat.  

    For immediate medical attention and relief, you should refer to a sports injury clinic near me in Singapore. It will direct you straight to our clinic in Singapore. Any kind of repetitive movement like painting or even garden work can cause a range of conditions that we refer to as sports injuries. 

    Acute vs Chronic

    Sports injuries are divided into two general categories - acute and chronic. Each type has its own treatment plan so it’s essential to know what kind of injury you have.

    An acute sports injury happens during a particular moment that you can easily define.

    During sports, bumping into other people, falls, or twisting an ankle are common, which can result in bruising and injuries. Single traumatic events can be of smaller or bigger magnitude, directly determining the severity of the injury retained by the individual.  

    Contrarily, repetitive stress on the body and long-term endurance can lead to developing a chronic injury. Golfer’s elbow, tendinitis, stress fractures, and knee arthritis are some common examples of these. Decreased range of motion, stiffness, and pain are some defining symptoms of such an injury. If you are under a condition that you are placing consistent stress or pressure on one part of the body, then in the foreseeable future a chronic injury can happen.  

    Our knee pain specialist at Ray of Health can help manage chronic pain and get you back to optimal health in no time.

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    runner experiencing sports injury after strenuous workout

    Sports Injury Clinic in Singapore

    As much as being active and playing sports can boost your health and overall well-being, accidents happen and those sweat sessions can take their toll on your body in the long term. That’s why it’s important to understand and treat sports injuries.

    Are you looking for sports injury doctor in Singapore? We are ready to help! Our sports injury doctor will diagnose your issue and get you feeling like your own self again with our customized treatments for sports injuries. Here at Ray of Health, we also provide shoulder dislocation treatment, ACL tear treatment and wrist injury treatment.

    Reach out to our sports injury doctor in Singapore by calling +65 6235 8781 or chat with us on WhatsApp at +65 8028 4572. You can also talk to us by clicking the button below.

    Who Gets Sports Injuries?

    Absolutely anyone from elite athletes to artists to factory workers can suffer from injury during sports. Because of its unpredictable nature, any person can go through a sports injury. However, several associated risk factors are common in all relevant types. These risk factors include the following:

    • Incorrect form or exercise techniques.
    • Training too often or for too long at one time
    • Increasing the intensity of a workout too quickly.
    • Making the same movements on a long-term regular basis
    • Running on hard ground
    • Wearing improper shoes
    • Using improper equipment
    • Already having a prior injury.

    Sports injuries are not linear or specific. These can happen to anyone and any time and widely depend on the intensity of the impact. The compression in the areas can be different on every person, thus it varies. It is important to note, however, that each person and every injury is different. Some people may run on the pavement for years without issues while others quickly experience pain. Athletes who have completed successful physical therapy may find that having a prior injury has little effect on them while those without who didn’t properly recover are left with daily pain. Always remember to wear proper footwear to prevent lower back pains and also to stay hydrated to avoid heat exhaustion outdoors.

    Muscle cramps are also prevalent during extensive sports activities and can be prevented. Individuals who are into sports and participate in them regularly should opt for getting a consultation from a certified medical professional.  

    They not only understand your medical history but take into account your lifestyle and other considerations apart from the risk factors. By understanding different possibilities, a person can enhance joint mobility through mobility exercises. They can also do this by targeted attention through consultation with an orthopedic doctor.  

    What Are the Common Types of Sports Injuries?

    Individuals of all ages, demographics, and skill levels can be at the receiving end of a sports injury. Just muscles and ligaments are not the most commonly affected spot by sports injuries, an individual can incur them on the eye area, dental area, or skin. The areas that are more prone to sports injuries are the supporting bones and muscles. Shoulders, elbows, and knees are affected the most. To understand some of these in detail, we have outlined them here.  


    Rotator cuff injuries and shoulder impingement are highly occurrences in sportsRotator cuff pain can be sudden or come up over time and are common amongst tennis players, swimmers, and anyone else who has to regularly reach overhead. Impingement is an inflammation that is also caused by repeated overhead movements.  Shoulder instability can happen to any athlete due to overuse or impact.


    Common elbow injuries include tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, little league elbow, and Ulnar collateral ligament injuries. These are caused by overuse of the elbow in different positions.


    25% of all sports injuries account for knee injuries during sports. Patellar fracture, Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, osteochondral fracture, tendon tears, and meniscus tears are some that happen most frequently. Sudden impact, improper techniques, and imbalance during cycling, running, etc are the common causes of such injuries.  

    Our sports injury clinic singapore offers customized treatment options for patients looking for meniscus tear treatment for long-lasting effects.  


    For those who play hockey, football, and baseball, groyne pulls are common. Meanwhile, players of football and basketball are particularly prone to hamstring pulls. If you are a runner, shin splints are a common issue.


    4 categories of ankle injuries are particularly observed. Ankle sprains are focused on lateral ligaments and ankle strains that cause damage to muscles around the ankle joint. The third category is ankle fractures that concentrate on the ankle’s weight-bearing bone Talus (Achilles tendinitis comes under this category) and the last is ankle dislocation under which the talocrural joint is injured.  

    Immediate medical attention is required for ankle dislocation, while the other three injuries can cause pain swelling, and bruising to a lesser extent. 

    How do we understand which Musculoskeletal injuries are more common? 

    If we look at the common injuries, then sprains and strains are the ones. However, more complex injuries than herniated discs, carpal tunnel syndrome, and dislocations can be named.  

    types of bone fracture

    Bone Fractures from Sports- Image Credit: Cleveland Clinic

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