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cold and heat therapy

Ice or Heat Therapy – When to Use Which for an Injury?

How do you decide when to use a cold compress vs a warm compress? Are there certain types of injuries...
deep tissue massage

The Science Behind Deep Tissue Massage: Is It Right for You?

In the quest for relaxation, pain relief, and improved muscle function, many people look to deep-tissue massage as a potential...
ice bath

The Truth About Ice Baths: Are They Beneficial or Harmful?

On a mission to become the healthy version of yourself? You certainly aren’t alone! In this social media era, new...
person exercising on the stairs

Daily Exercise Essentials: 10 Workouts to Transform Your Life

You probably already know that daily exercise has countless benefits. Regular sweat sessions create a solid foundation for your physical...
running man

Is Running Bad for Your Knees? Expert Insights and Advice

The world loves running and it’s easy to see why. It benefits your cardiovascular health, helps you to maintain a...
two people doing squats in a gym

Deadlift vs. Squat: Which Exercise Is Better for You?

In the world of weightlifting, there are two exercises that play a key part in everyone’s regular routine: deadlifts and...
woman training core exercise in a gym

Strengthen Your Core: 10 Best Core Exercises You Need to Try

A strong and stable core is the foundation of fitness. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey...
a man bouldering

Complete Guide to Preventing and Treating Bouldering Injuries

Love bouldering but are worried about the risk? You are not alone! This dangerous but satisfying sport undoubtedly has a...
a woman doing spinning class at risk of Rhabdomyolysis

Understanding Rhabdomyolysis (Rhabdo) – A Real Risk of Spinning Classes

No pain, no gain. It is an old expression that we all find ourselves believing from time to time, and...

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