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Experts Weigh In: Fastest Way to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

What is the fastest way to burn fat and build muscle? Well, that depends on who you ask! From low-carb diets to intermittent fasting to high-intensity interval training, everyone has...

Pilates Vs Yoga – What Are the Differences Between Them?

On a mission to find the best workout for losing weight, getting healthy, and improving your overall fitness? As you start researching, you’ll quickly hear about the miracles of yoga...
F45 HIIT training

Is F45 Really Effective – Fitness Fad or Lifestyle Revolution in Singapore?

From Miami to Manila, F45 is taking over the world. Everyone from Cindy Crawford to F45 investor Mark Walburg swears that this fitness craze is unlike anything else out there....
woman at the gym yoga mat

What is HIIT Workout? A Guide to HIIT in Singapore 2023

“I don’t have time to work out…Even back when I was getting up early to squeeze in a workout, I didn’t see results.” Sounds familiar? If you’ve got a packed...

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